Here's a nifty strategy to increase your awareness of your own personal strengths, of what's going well in your life and why. It's a task that will shift the emphasis from what's going wrong to what's actually helpful and working. This reflective exercise encourages savouring the good rather than analysing what went wrong. It is a guide to remembering the sweetness of connection rather than fantasising about impending doom.

This activity need take no more than 10 minutes on a daily basis over a period of two weeks. Each day write down three things that went well and why they went well on a screen or page, it doesn't matter which so long as you maintain a record of what you've written.

The events do not need to be particularly significant only positive, next to each event write why it happened. E.g. My student gave me a great pen as a leaving gift, it has 4 colours and a propelling pencil and its red. Why - I think he wanted to show his appreciation and he wanted me to remember him kindly.

The initial enquiry into 'why?' may feel awkward and first, but stick with it and notice the difference it brings to your perception of how life is treating you and what you are enjoying about it.

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I started yoga at the behest of various physios and personal trainers. My initial drivers were flexibility and conditioning - very much in the physical sphere. I run my own company in London and have 2 small children, so the ability to practice at home with a qualified instructor very much appealed and after a couple of internet searches Brighten Up Yoga seemed to offer a reasonably priced solution.

As I progressed through Brighten Up Yoga sessions, a big surprise was the mental and emotional benefits that I began to get. Better sleep, less stress and an awareness of the body and mind that you can apply to a variety of elements of a busy and active life. To be honest these were unintended consequences of my practice, but in actual fact have become the reason I continue in my yoga journey.

For me the ability to practice at home, 1 on 1, is key as I get much more from the session than if I was in a group and it is tailored to my own limitations and strengths.

Practicing with Beth from Brighten Up is now a 'must do' activity in my diary and we schedule weekly sessions up to 3 months in advance.

From a skeptic to a believer in less than 6 months - I can thoroughly recommend Brighten Up Yoga to help you deal with the stresses and strains of life and improve overall wellbeing!

Simon Lodge

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