The news has been banished from my home, I have stopped listening to, reading or watching it. The news does not inform me; in fact I feel powerless and diminished by the onslaught of conflict, confrontation and distortion.

What I've found that starts my day on a mellow, amusing note is 15 minutes of Garrison Keiller and his anecdotes from the imagined small town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota.

Garrison Keiller shares his storytelling genius and subtle, humorous insights into the human predicament in warm radio tones. It's great to start the day with a real treat; his podcasts 'News from Lake Wobegon' are freely available through iTunes.

Here's a short video that I defy you not to feel cheered by.

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Thanks for all you've brought with your wonderful yoga lessons! I feel I've learnt so much over the year and made many good friends through the class.

Amy Stopper

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