Grow Your Own Happiness

27 October 2013

Here's a nifty strategy to increase your awareness of your own personal strengths, of what's going well in your life and why. It's a task that will shift the emphasis from what's going wrong to what's actually helpful and working. This reflective exercise encourages savouring the good rather than analysing what went wrong. It is a guide to remembering the sweetness of connection rather than… Read more

Yoga, well being and connective tissue

06 July 2013

Fascia is what glues us together; it is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. It binds some structures together, while allowing others to slide smoothly over each other. The nervous system, the circulatory system and the fascial system develop together and work together. The fascial system is a regulatory system; it has an… Read more

Why muscles tremble during a yoga practice

20 June 2013

In certain poses on certain days our muscles seem to shake more than usual whilst we're holding them. There are various factors that may contribute to this, some physical and one is psychological. Muscular shakes can begin when more dominant muscles start to grow tired. Muscles are made of two types of fibres, slow twitch muscle fibres, which contract slowly, but keep going for a long time and… Read more

An Experiential Experiment - Holding an active yoga posture for an extended period

06 June 2013

In our lives we all have moments of frustration and anger to deal with, these arise when the mind is desperately wishing for something to be different from the way that it's presenting itself. These emotions can be overpowering as they take over the physical/mental self in waves of intensity. We can feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the force of feeling so that when challenged we react to a… Read more

Free 28-day meditation course

06 June 2013

Recently I went to a meditation workshop with Sally Kempton, she has been a teacher for 40 years. The theme was 'transformation' which in practice is an integration of the wisdom of traditional yoga tantra with the insights of contemporary evolutionary spirituality and cutting-edge psychology. Transformation is part of a continuous evolutionary cycle; alongside biological evolution there is an… Read more

Breakfast Cheer

18 April 2013

The news has been banished from my home, I have stopped listening to, reading or watching it. The news does not inform me; in fact I feel powerless and diminished by the onslaught of conflict, confrontation and distortion. What I've found that starts my day on a mellow, amusing note is 15 minutes of Garrison Keiller and his anecdotes from the imagined small town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota.… Read more

Stefan Sagmeister - Happiness by design

01 April 2013

Happiness, what is it? How do we bring more into our lives for others and ourselves? STEFAN SAGMEISTER is among today's most important graphic designers. Born in Austria, he now lives and works in New York. His long-standing collaborators include the AIGA and musicians, David Byrne and Lou Reed. Here is Stefan Sagmeister's Ted Talk, which takes us on a whimsical trip to show his links with… Read more

I thoroughly enjoy Beth's yoga classes. She is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher; she explains the poses and their benefits clearly and encourages and supports you in your practice. Beth's classes taught me how to become more aware of my body and breathing and how yoga gives you more strength, balance and flexibility. Best of all - you leave the class with a wonderful sense of mental well being.

Ann Butler

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