I honestly don’t know why I began yoga; maybe it was for exercise and maybe it was stress. I do know why I will never stop… yoga has given me incredible health benefits of strength, balance and flexibility. I use yoga alongside endurance training and I've been injury free since I began which is directly related to flexibility and core strength. Yoga has also reduced my stress levels and provided me with a sense of my own body and pulse to simply manage daily situations better. I would note that Yoga is incredibly interesting and as I begin to spend more time learning about Yoga's rich history I understand why it is so widely practiced.  My advice to anyone thinking about Yoga would be to try it, enjoy it and keep doing it, you'll learn that it's not a competition, it's not self conscious rather it's friendly, personal and lots of fun. It would also be remiss of me not to say that if you can find a teacher and friend like Beth then you are very lucky and privileged.

Tom Ungi

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