Beth Wood private yoga instructor

Yoga Will Make a Difference to Your Life!

Have a free sample private yoga class in your home or workplace without obligation. You’ll notice the benefits of the practice immediately. Beth will guide you into postures using safe alignment principles and she will show you how to connect to your breath and relax deeply. It doesn’t matter what age or shape you are, the class is designed for you.

Recalibrate Body and Mind

Classes are either in the style of Vinyasa Flow, which synchronizes breath and movement to create a smooth flowing practice, building strength, balance and flexibility. Or try a Yin yoga class, moving at a slower pace with focus on strengthening the joints. Yin yoga works with channels of energy within the body to promote general health.

Yoga frees the flow of mental and physical energy contributing to a brighter sense of presence and poise. It develops a fresh awareness of the body, and enhances your sense of connection to the world around you.

Family yoga class

A family yoga class is a fun way to come together; it’s a new way to make discoveries about one another. Yoga awakens a child’s curiosity about trying new things whilst developing strength and coordination. Yoga lengthens all the muscle groups and so complements other sports, helping to prevent injury.

Yoga sharpens concentration, which is helpful for academic life as well as teaching strategies for dealing with anxiety. Children learn to explore inner obstacles, develop resilience and increase confidence; they gain a sense of accomplishment as they discover the range of their bodies. It’s especially good for children who might usually shy away from sports, it’s a physical outlet in which they can succeed and shine.

Email Beth or telephone: 0787 568 88 75

Beth Wood is based in Princes Risborough; which borders Bucks and Oxen.

You have made the most wonderful change in our lives. I am so pleased with the physical progress but it also calms me - it did very much so last night. I look forward to continuing with the yoga and with our friendship.

Ann Nevans

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